Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just had the opportunity to hang with a dear friend - Eli Rotblat - on Columbia University Campus and talk about my life. And perhaps have come to realize what it means to have a true friend in the city of NY. You begin to realize who your friends are when you are in a time in your life where you can offer nothing but your friendship. I would also have to add Rebecca Holt to that friendship as well. Friends are wonderful when they truly give from the heart, with no expectation in return.


Aleisha said...

Hey Rance!!
I just ran into your sis at Walmart today and she told me you started a blog. YEAH! I am so excited to hear about your exciting life. I am doing the Secret Garden right now with SGMT. How exciting is that?? I am doing the part of Martha this time. It is so much fun. I wish you could come see. You should totally move to St. George. You can get involved with SGMT and have some fun with us crazy theater people. ha ha ha. love ya

Rance Wright said...
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