Friday, November 14, 2008

Blogger: bundy 6 pak - and my response to her

This letter came from a wonderful blogger named - "bundy 6 pak" - thanks for your blog:

Hi, I came across your blog thru a mutual friend (aleisha black-she is awesome). Your words are heart felt on this matter and I like you was on the fence. See, here in AZ the vote to ban gay marriage (prop 1020 has passed. I was unsure how to vote until Elder Boyd K Packer spoke to the saints here and said very clearly that though the church does not engage in political matters, that this one was a morale one and he urged all of us to vote for prop 1020. So I did, as I am sure the saints did in CA.

My response to her:

Dear bundy 6 pak,

Thank you so much for kind words and thoughts. I feel like many...simply just took the advice of the the church leaders blindly without realizing that this effort rather than being a support for the Proclamation of the Family was going to feel, to the world, like a statement against the minority thus turning many against the church.Why? Because it is not ok for the church to be getting involved politically.

Due to Elder Boyd K Packer stating something..urging the members to vote one way on this political matter... because of him doing is now ok for the Government to tax the LDS CHURCH.

We are a country that believes in the separation of church and state...this matter should be left to the individual members of the decide...and those who disagree should not feel shunned or persecuted for believing differently than the Priesthood leaders or the majority of those out west.

Blindly supporting a church...just because someone says incorrect. I actually said a prayer about my decision...and feel confident that this is the right step for me - does that mean I am less of a member? Or not worthy? No. And yet I am receiving horrible words from many because I believe different than them.

Sounds like a majority - not you included - feel hatred towards me...rather than simply understanding my point of view...they are pushing me slowly to turn away from those teachings that I hold dear to my heart.

We can disagree with Prop 8 and still be strong members of the Mormon church...don't ever forget that.

I would hope that many of you out there have the opportunity to live next to a gay couple...get to know there daily they support others...and give to their community. All they the same rights you have as members of the marry someone you love. (sure it may sound awkward to some - but oddly so did blacks in the priesthood and interracial marriage).

sidenote: Tomorrow across the country there will be a major movement at city halls...this is the beginning of a major Civil Rights movement - possibly one of the biggest ones since slavery. Why must a church, a country feel so differently about two things they both hold dear and sacred.

a thought: I was thinking...what if homosexuality was a religion? Do you think the Mormon church would present such a stance against this particular faith...since we are told to never force our religious faith or way of life upon other faiths? hmmm....just a thought.


Alton clan said...

Rance - you may not think it appropriate for me to comment on here...but it seems like you are searching for answers. Not that I have any, but feel the need to comment on some of you posting anyway. Hopefully, it all comes across as meant (downfall of internet:) If homosexuality was a religion, that would go against a lot of what homosexuals say...i.e. born this way. Someone isn't "born this way" in a religion really. That consideration would change things altogether. Also, it seems to me that those who are calling for supportors of Prop. 8 to "be more Christian" in their acts are hypocrits...they are now threatening people who donated money to pass prop. 8, sending threat letters to temples, trying to instill in them a fear of being persecuted and rejected/fired from jobs/loss of business because they voted for prop. 8 to pass. Doesn't that all seem like the pot calling the kettle black? The church doesn't seem to be concerned with a popularity contest...which is good I think. That would allow their teachings to sway every time someone threatened not to like the church for what it teaches. Yes, this is a moral issue for the church that was connected to a political issue as well. The church and many of it's members encouraged a vote to pass prop. 8, but agency still played into all of it. Just like any teaching of the church, we individually have the agency to follow it or not. I have yet to hear of a member of the church being asked in a recommend interview or such how they voted and if it should affect their membership/worthiness. The church didn't force anyone to vote one way or the other, and to assume that people just "blindly followed" is ignorant. I have faith in my leaders, I believe the prophet speaks with God, my testimony of this will affect my decision to follow the leaders of the church and their council...but blindly? The leaders of the church have always encouraged us to gain a testimony of our own and seek personal revelation and guidance from the Spirit and it's important that we approach this with open hearts and a willingness to accept the guidance we receive. And we will know it's right by the peace it know this. I don't doubt that you feel like your stand on this is what you see to be right...but to say that people who voted for prop. 8 shouldn't have because people are taking that stand the wrong way isn't right either. Like I've conveyed to you before, I can love people unconditionally without agreeing to or condoning their behaviors. This runs true for anything I think is not right. Friendship, love, acceptance of someone has nothing to do with politically or morally agreeing on an least not for me. The church will face always has, so fear of persecution shouldn't be our basis for making decisions in life. Hate shouldn't be a basis either. I know many people who voted for prop. 8 that weren't motivated by fear or was what they plainly thought was right. I'm glad they weren't affraid to do what they thought was right because of popular opinion or fear of persecution. I hope this comes across the right way. I'm just tired of people saying that I or others are bigots and hateful just because I don't agree with changing the definition of marriage to include homosexual behavior...they don't know me or what I do if that's the case. Funny side-note....polygamists must be annoyed too....look at all the bad coverage they got for having multiple wives...why wouldn't that be considered within their rights :) LOL

TheSpectrum said...

RANCE. It's Laura, I found my way to your blog and now you have a link to mine! I must say, I find this entire dialogue fascinating. As a proud-Obama supporter who was brokenhearted at the result of the Prop 8 vote, I've had to bite my tongue when reading your comments! :)

I am so intrigued by your faith and your questions and so impressed with your ability to be so loving toward everyone. I'm not sure I would fair so well. Anyway, hope to see you at my cabaret Monday! Can't wait to keep reading more though will probably refrain from commenting on the gay/religion debates from future posts. I get too upset just reading them forget getting involved!


Rance Wright said...

alton clan - I never referenced you being a bigot/biggot - and would never use that sort of language. You obviously read very little of my blog...because my sharing and discuss on this blog comes simply share my stance and my arguments in my defense. Talk in person - I think then we will have a better understanding of each other.

Again...I support your thoughts. And obviously writing on my blog (like a soapbox) so many could read your feelings as well.


Bundy 6 Pak said...

I've read thru most of your blog and you seem to have, what my mom would say, a fiery spirit. Those know doubt that there is love behind your words and that you feel that your fighting for an honorable cause...Just don't let the honor of this world make you forget the world you came from.
I think the alton can is one smart cookie and has you pegged. Maybe you are searching for answers. Your blog is very intersting, but I'll butt out now. Wish you the best.

Kimberly said...

Rance, Don't let ANYONE get to you.. You are an amazingly STRONG person, I know its hard, but I also know that you CANT let ANYONE tell you how you should feel over this matter... There is no one that is as Strong and amazing as you.. So dont start letting people get to you.. You and you alone knows whats right (besides the LORD) and everyone has a right to believe, and to say what they want.. BUT that hopefully wont change the way you feel.. I know you so well, and you will always know whats right.. I have no doubt about that..You hold it so dear what you know.. DONT EVER LET ANYONE CHANGE THAT !!! ok well thats my novel for the day.. you know I love you babe and always will

Alton clan said...

Oh Rance - Here I go with another novel....I was affraid I'd be taken wrong...and unfortunately, talking in person would be inconvenient for us both, you being so busy and I a mom and 2 hr. time difference....I could see us playing a lot of phone tag :) You are right, YOU didn't call me a bigot, that comment came from frustrations I've experience with expressing myself on this matter to others...sorry. And you are right, people can vote either way and still be strong members of the church. I realize you probably have to defend yourself from being misunderstood by others too. I was mostly just fired up by the "blindly following" comments...because I still believe people can follow the leaders of the church and do so by their own opinion...and vise versa. I know there is concern when people start to sympathize with groups/cults/etc. that go against church teachings as you well know I'm sure. That's probably why your family is concerned like they are....because often people that "fall away" from their faith do so in a process of sympathy, acceptance, and then embracing beliefs that go against what they onced believed to be true...doesn't always happen, but often does. I hope my comments made on this didn't come across as hate against you and your opinion. And, actually, I read a lot of your blog, the whole if what I said didn't seem relevant to what you said, again I apologize. Please don't let the fact that others will disagree with you turn you against the teachings you hold close to your heart(like you mentioned it was)....that's part of having a personal testimony. When that testimony is strong, it can withstand the persecutions you feel, right? :) I believe you are dealing with a lot on this issue, and hope you find the path that brings the most peace in your life.
Much love - Gina

Alton clan said...

Rance -
Feel free to delete my posts, my comments here were obviously unwelcome and could I delete them myself I would...I don't know how to. I apologize for using your blog as a soapbox...completely unneccessary for me to do. You obviously are out to convey your thoughts and opinions and don't want to listen to differing opinions here...I will totally respect that. And, just so you know...I was trying to base my comments on the comments you posted yourself, obviously missed the mark on that for you.
You assume a lot about the rest of us too...about the experiences we've had and lives we've lived. Once again I apologize to you and your faithful readers and supporters for expressing my opinions here...not the place. I will happily refrain from doing so in the future. Much luck- Gina

Rance Wright said...


You are welcome to express your thoughts....and I am welcome to to return my feelings. It is not a place that I want only my feelings and expressions shared...if that was the case...I would have left blog closed. Feel free to comment...I want to hear both sides of the story. Your assumption of wrong...yet again the reason that we must hear both sides of the story.