Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A letter to my family and friends

Dear Family and Friends,

I am writing this email to you to let you know how much I do love each and every one of you...over the past week I have pondered my feelings on a subject that oddly enough sits close to home (Proposition 8). And regardless of whether you believe the same way I is affecting each of us in a very powerful way. I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with all of my is the gospel that gives me a majority of my happiness...not including my family of course of whom I love and respect.

That being said...I firmly believe in - "The Family Proclamation" - the LDS church's standing on marriage. I believe that with all of my heart...and in no place on earth can a child receive a better way of life. However, at a time in our society where so much change is happening and where the majority of the families across the board are being raised by single parents. This both damaging to the life of the child and more importantly the future understanding of what is important.

Regardless of what I may is not our place as true force any other family...whether they be black, white, gay or believe the way that we believe. All that we can do is love them regardless. Marriage in whatever form it comes in..unites two individuals who obviously care for each the opportunity to be bound together. It is their right....and to be is the right of every member of this country to feel that they have rights. That is why we live here in this wonderful country. The church knew that there would be many that disagreed...and I was a little beside myself when a family member referenced that I am following two masters....that is wrong. It is our free agency...and it is our right as members of the church to take a stand. This same sort of picketing happened when it was illegal to allow black people to marry in 1967....and also to give black people the right to the priesthood.

It is fear...fear of the unknown that scares us scared people in 1967 and it scares people today.

I firmly believe that the church will listen to the prayers of it members...on both sides...and will then speak openly about the issue.

So as I take a stand...that obviously opposes many of my family members...I do so with love...I do so...because I feel that the right of those whose voice is small...deserve their rights as well.

I love you guys!

ps: The reason why I posted because tonight at 630pm there will be a huge picketing happening outside the LDS temple in NYC. Do I support this just shares with you how big this issue has is now a NATIONAL ISSUE...and the church, getting the grunt of it all due to over 75% of all donations coming from members of the church.


nyn said...

Once again well said Rance. I agree with you. These are some thoughts I typed up earlier regarding Prop 8.
The problem I have with this whole situation regarding Proposition 8 is that a lot of Mormons think that because they believe/intrrpret things a certain way then all other Mormons believe/interpret it same way as well. The wonderful thing about our church is that we are given proclamations and we then have our agency in how we perceive and understand those proclamations. A most important proclamation I believe in and interpret is “love one another, as I have loved you” Jesus. I choose to love and accept the choices of others. I believe that what I can not understand will somehow be resolved in the hereafter. God loves all his children and wants all of them to be happy, in my point of view. If that happiness includes marriage than I am happy for them. God will work out the logistics. We need to stop assuming that everyone in the same faith/religion will look at issues in the same way. Agency and individual thought are truly special and amazing things that we should not take for granted.

nyn said...

Hey me again. I found, through a friend, a good link to Mormons and Prop 8. You should read it. I think it will help you feel better and hopefully some other people will read it too. It brings some great light to what otherwise can seem very mired and upsetting in regards to this Proposition.

Julie said...
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Rance Wright said...


Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Some teachings I learned as a young child of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint...

As you can tell..throughout what I write...not once do I reference the request or thought of Gays getting married in the temple. I feel that your thoughts come from a place of anger...and frustration...I will say a prayer for you.



Jaalsey B said...
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Jaalsey B said...

nvm...i figgur'd it out :) duh.