Thursday, November 13, 2008

My head and heart hurt

Just so my family is aware at how much this is hurting is 5:25am in the morning..I have not slept...and cannot sleep. My head and my heart hurts. My heart hurts because regardless of the fact that I stand for something I believe family is taking it personally...when it was never my place to hurt or offend. I wish my family knew me well enough to know that regardless of my personal belief in heart will always be grateful and proud of who and what my family is and stands for. They are my rock.


Janae said...

Rance, What a divided world we live in. I am sorry my sister commented on your blog.I did not tell her to. I just called her to make sure I understood what proposition 8 was. She took it upon herself to comment here. You have to understand that she was asked by the 1st presidency to stand up for prop 8. Everyone in California was. She has very strong oppinions. I think everyone does one way or the other. Please do not let this ruin our friendship. I love you and love how passionate you are. If I ever need someone to stand up for me I will call you.I still would like to come out and visit you in New York. Have you heard about Jersey boys. If you come to your hometown call me.

Janae said...
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Aleisha said...

I am so sorry to hear the saddness you are experiencing right now. I just want you to know that I am thinking of you. You should be proud to stand up and say how you feel. I have a really hard time doing that when it involves people I love and care about. Stay strong. Heavenly Father does love you and wants you to be happy. I appreciate you sharing your testimony of the church. Thanks for being you. Love ya!

nyn said...

Oh Rance,
My heart hurts too, for you. Give me your phone number so we can chat and catch up. Love you.