Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To those who hurt.

To both Bundy 6 pak and Alton Clan,

I am not searching for truth's...I found them in the church. My observation of members of the church here in NYC and many of my own cousins and relatives (who have given their support for my way of thinking) is that you can be an active member of the church and disagree with an action being taken. The leaders of our church - though prophets and apostles - are human as well.

Do not assume you know me...or that your way of thinking is ideal for me. You do not know where I came do not understand my have not had to deal with my problems or issues in life...and you will not see death the same way.

The gospel of Jesus Christ...the gospel I hold dear to my not a gospel of hatred or hard feelings...or a gospel that should ever make one feel less than the very best. If it is...than we have all been fooled. Your thoughts and actions sadly have come across somewhat aggressive yourself...

I write on my blog to express to others my feelings....I am not not assume that...I honestly am suprised how so many people felt that...and people who obviously have never lived outside the community of the mormon church.

Do you want to know my honest feelings....I believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to be True....but the people of the church and the community of the church... are some of the most hateful and hurtful people I have ever met - take it from someone who has lived both on the inside of that community and out.

First take a look at how you are perceived...don't assume that the way you present yourself is the most helpful...because is not.

To heart reaches out...I feel the pain that it is causing both the members of the church and to those who are gay. It hurts for both. Neither truly listening to the other...both simply just throwing up arms. Seriously... cant we all play on the field like civil children.

I wish you all the best....your friend,



mama cow said...

Here is something that will cheer you up....(Jeff Osness' wife here BTW) have you checked out facebook there are a bunch of old photos from high school and you are tagged in a lot of them!

Kris said...

I love you to pieces Rance, but the prophet does not make mistakes. I respect your opinion though and wish you the best.

Rance Wright said...

Kris and to all who may feel offended,

Do we assume that the prophet does not make mistakes...ever? If we were to assume that...than wouldn't that make him our savior?

No one is perfect in this world, no one except our savior Jesus Christ was born on this earth with that very thing.

I respect our Prophet as one who leads the church today. I understand why the church took a stance. It is important that they did so...I can however choose not to support the stance...because I feel it right that my neighbors and many of my friends have the opportunity to marry.

I go to church...I support my friends who are gay..and their rights. Am I evil for doing either?

Much love,


Kris said...

I am sure the Prophet makes a mistake(s) in his personal life. The Savior didn't. That is one of the things they differ in. However, when he speaks for the Church, he speaks for the Leader of the Church, our Savior. I know he is the spokesman on earth. That is a promise we have been given and that we can depend on. I know this is true. I think we must agree to disagree. I felt it was very important that I expressed this. I am usually a quiet bystander. (P.S. You are not evil)

nyn said...

I was surprised and sad to see that people are still trying to hard to sway and convince as opposed to just listen and understand. To understand someone's difference does not mean you agree with them, it means you care and love them. I think you Rance have been doing this entirely. It makes me so upset that others need to keep expressing in many ways the same thought "the prophet is God's mouthpiece" and "he is never wrong". It is an understandable belief that many members of the LDS church hold close. But as you said, he (the prophet) is human, and will make mistakes in his personal life as well as the prophet and leader. I refrence past prophets who have been "off" in their direction of "God's Church". Brigham Young and the Adam/God theory, way off, Joseph Smith and Polygamy, do we even want to go there, and what about the whole blacks are less righteous so they can't have the priesthood until 1978? Sure, if you want to ignore the historicity of the church you can believe the prophet is never wrong and that is your right.(I am not saying that to you Rance) But people need to realize there are others in the world that have views that are different. Does this automatically make them wrong because they don't believe the Mormon prophet? Why did we all forget, Love One Another and treat others as we want to be treated? I hope that this will blow over soon for you Rance. Like Mama Cow said, go to face book there are some fun photos I put on there of you :)

Alton clan said...

Rance - I apologize for any hurt I may have caused by my commenting. I'm sorry it came to that for you. Believe me when I say it was not intended to hurt, and I can't help the way people perceive me and my opinions, but I will refrain from commenting in the future to avoid any hurt for you or others who may read my comments. I accidently posted on the last post...but I mentioned there to delete my posts so that no one else could be hurt by them. Hopefully this will help.

Jack said...


Interesting comments, and I'm glad to see that there is in fact a movement, small it may be, among LDS members to not blindly support the church's stance against gays. The support of prop 8 by the church has strengthened my resolve to resign from the church.

Bravo for sticking to your guns, however hypocritical they may be (to me), to support the church and still support your gay friends.

History has shown us that not only does the prophet make mistakes, prophets since Joseph Smith have made colossal mistakes that have resulted in the hurt, loss of life included, of many. The church's militant stance towards the gays hurts more than it helps.

It sounds like you're a good man. Keep sticking to your guns.
jack scott, DHS class of '96.

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