Thursday, November 13, 2008

Responding to a comment on my blog from two days ago

This was another response I wrote to a friends older sister...(the details of the RALLY are coming soon!!!). I sat today at the rally with many members of the church...I cried...why did I cry? Because both sides are not listening to the other. I found myself torn. I appreciate your sister writing on my blog...and I support her to continue to read my blog...but I found myself somewhat affected by her comment of her standing before god and knowing that she chose right in the eyes of the lord. Janae...I love you...I adore you...but I do not feel any less of a member nor do 100's of members of the church who were at that rally in support of NO prop 8. When an individual states that my testimony before GOD is any less than is completely wrong...and unjust. Who is she to assume that my faith in GOD and JESUS CHRIST is faltering because I agree with a majority of other LDS members here in NYC. I am a member of the Harlem 1st WARD...I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have a very strong testimony of the church. You can have your opinion...but when you place value on my testimony (STACIE LANG) you are walking a very wrong line.

You are no more loved than the next person...and to assume simply hateful.

I love each of you....please know this...I do not write on my blog for any other reason than to share my thoughts...My testimony of my savior is mine...and mine alone...and I feel that when I stand before GOD and Jesus Christ...they will understand my reason for doing so..and will love and respect me just the same.


Stacie Lang said...

Rance I in no way meant to imply that because I feel that way that makes you less of a person or your testimony any less than mine. I was simply stating how I feel and what I have to do to feel right with myself. I am in tears right now thinking that I offended you. I have felt the power of your testimony and can feel and empathize with how you must be feeling. This was a big decision for me as well. I hope you will accept my apology, just because I state how i feel does not in any way diminish my respect for you or others who feel differently so if you felt it was hateful I am sorry it was not meant to be.

Stacie Lang said...

One thing I would like you to understand about my comment of standing with the prophet is that I was asked by the first presidency to support this, you were not. Therefore the choices we each face on this issue are extremely different. I have a testimony of living prophets and as such felt in order for me to be right with God I have to stand by his Prophet. If you had been placed in that situation where you have a testimony as well and you know we have been promised in the scriptures that the Lord would allow the Prophet to die before leading us astray, your decesion may or may not have been the same. Circumstances effect all of us differently and until we have walked in each others shoes we have to allow each person to make up their own mind. Again I did not mean to offend and hope you accept my apology.

Rance Wright said...

Stacie, The beautiful thing about we can share our feelings so the world can read them. As of lately I have had the opportunity to work with those dealing with HIV/AIDS, older gay couples who have been together for many many years...and because of an illness find their lives and years together limited. Due to this cause I see the hurt that we as a church our placing on these innocent people. All they desire is their rights as members of this country...nothing more and nothing less...and as such...I feel that it is important that I take a stand. There will come a time when this law across the country will pass - we can members of the Church of Jesus Christ...look like a people that support putting the minority down...what will we say at that moment...when all that is remembered of our faith was the fact that we fought against a movement supporting the minority(since we too find ourselves so often in that minority)...and the world then turns their hearts away from us and our teachings.

I do not look at this any longer as us standing for our own beliefs as a faith...that is what our first amendment right is. I also do not believe the lies that have been told about ...if we allow gay marriage then 1st graders will be taught that in our schools. I actually spoke with a teach from MASSACHUSETTS who said that in the school system - sexuality is not spoken of until the 7th grade. This lie that is being spread amongst the members to scare them is wrong. All of this hatred on both sides...needs to stop. It seriously does.

I dont hate you...and you dont hate me...I know that.