Friday, November 21, 2008

Voices to my blog - Auditions - Roommates - Gavin Degraw

So I had to get off the subject of Prop 8 for this post....I just needed a I am sure we all did. There has been so much effort right now across the board on both sides of the issue...and for a moment I will let them speak loudly and let my voice - for a moment - slip into the background.

It was shocking to me who became voices to my blog...I mean less than a month ago my blog was only viewed by a few friends and family...but as of recently I was getting emails and blog posts and sightings by some pretty influential people, magazines and news stations who desired to know how one in the middle of this subject was experiencing the heat of it all. It was fun to post...and yet it was very emotional as well.

I found myself being asked in the middle of major auditions what my standing on the whole subject was - I was suprized because I didn't think it really mattered how I felt...or how I went about my daily life....but for some odd reason it mattered to these people. Is it fair? Should people be judged because of the way they believe...whether they support or do not support a certain way of life or thought? Is it anyones right to push one to believe one way or the other? My belief is very is not the right of anyone individual or group...whether you agree or disagree with a certain way of push your belief system and thought process upon another group.

I have had the pleasure of finding two amazing roommates...Brooke and Steven. Last night we had the opportunity of re-arranging the front room (I believe this is because Steven and Brooke were watching the home improvement station) and found a new way to put all of my things...hahaha. I love living with people who can make you laugh and not take life so is wonderful to find true friends in your roommates. Thanks guys....for everything.

This week I had the opportunity to find the piano music for Gavin Degraw...and will begin rehearsing his music with my music coach. I cannot wait to audition with this is about time I have found something new to sing.

To all my faithful followers to my blog....I love you to pieces....please feel free to respond...and to is your responses that makes my blog so dang interesting!



Aleisha said...

Good luck on your Auditions. I am so glad you found great roomates too.

That is crazy the attention you are getting from your blog and opinion. Hey maybe it is a new career move. You could be the next "Dooce". Make thousands of dollars a month just for saying it real. ha ha ha

Kimberly said...

Im so glad to hear you have amazing roommates... thats so good you all get along, and that things are going well.. Re-organizing the front room.. wow how is it to have HGTV fans living with you? Well good luck on the auditioning, and you better let me know how all that goes...
Love and Miss you my friend

nyn said...

It is wonderful to have good supportive friends. I am glad that you have that in the people you live with. You rock my world Rance. Thanks for being you and being my friend. Love you!!

Kara said...

You have no idea who I am. Your roommate Steve was one of my best friends in jr. high and high school. I found your blog through his and wanted you to know that I love reading it. You are a very fluid writer and it's very easy to spend lots of time reading what you write! You say everything in such a nice way.

Anyway, no real point to this reply, but wanted you to know that there's a complete stranger out there that sure enjoys reading your blog. :)


Rance Wright said...


That was freaking adorable...thank you!


Kara said...

"Freaking adorable"- thanks for the smile that gave me- It's been a while since anyone called anything I did "freaking adorable"! :)

brookie said...

Oh Darling,
I loved your blog, Thank you so much for the sweet words about our most amazing roommate situation. I echo your sentiments...I arrive green in New York City, of all places, and find the two most wonderful roommates ever. Luck? No, divine intervention :) I love you and I love living with you...there's never a dull or unloving moment.
- Brookie

Alton clan said...

warning...I'm back! :) I just wanted to say how happy I am for you that you found fun and good makes all the difference sometimes. Sounds like a lot of good times to be had. How did Jersey boys auditions go? I never saw another post about it. Gavin Degraw music should be pretty cool...I like a lot of his stuff. Well, take care and have fun!

Steven said...

Rance, you are truly an amazing roommate. I love that we randomly found all of us through craigslist. Yes, there is hope out there for all. But, it's truly a blessing to find a friendship in an unlikely place. I feel so lucky to have found this place to call home.

And yes, Kara is freaking adorable, at least, as I like to remember!

Troy, Candace, Tayler and Tate said...

Rance, What a great blog! I love you so much and I am so proud of you. You have a lot of courage. Just always know that I support you and will always love you no matter what.

Your cousin

Schimmy said...

I have enjoyed reading your comments. Good luck on your auditions.

MattyJack said...

excuse me, but I believe I helped with the rearranging of furniture? HMMMMMMMM? hope all is well. miss you.


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